Social Drama Tamil Movie Selfie On aha

Social Drama Tamil Movie Selfie On aha

Are you someone who enjoys watching drama movies? Is complicated and fun drama the best portion of the movie for you? Then you must really enjoy watching the best Tamil action movies.  The Tamil industry produces a few of the best Hit action movies that you will surely enjoy.

One such movie that has created an impact on the audience is Selfie. If you are willing to watch this movie and make the best out of your day, then you must surely jump onto the aha platform. See your favorite movies and series at any time, according to your liking.

The cast of Selfie

The movie selfie has been directed by the talented and wonderful director MathiMaran. The selective cast choice for the movie is G. V. Prakash Kumar, GauthamVasudevMenon and VarshaBollamma, VidyaPradeep, Vagai Chandrasekhar, SangiliMurugan, and Subramaniam Siva.

The plot of Selfie  

The storyline of the movie selfie is about an ill-tempered engineering student who gets connected to an underground College admission racket. Soon it is noticed that he, along with his friends’ group, gets on the hit list of a gang of goons and loan sharks.

As narrated, the director stated that the movie had been based on real-life incidents that he had heard. The stories and happenings of the movie are entirely true and were faced by a bunch of engineering students.

What to expect from Selfie

If you are someone who likes watching social drama, then you will definitely enjoy the movie selfie. The movie is based on real-life events; therefore, it is even more interesting for the viewers. Therefore all the thriller and action sequences do not have much exaggeration, yet they portray true incidents.

As noticed by the viewers, the movie selfie has been excellently well-written and created. The director has made sure that several important aspects of the education system are in the spotlight for the viewers to know about. Watch this movie today on aha.

Watch the Tamil Crime Thriller Movie.

If you have heard about the latest social drama  selfie movie  and you are wondering where you can watch this movie, then worry no further. You can watch this excellent movie any time and at any place according to your liking, just on aha. Your favorite content today.

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